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Hi, My name is Alan,  welcome to my little corner of the web.                    

Feel free to have a good look round,  though do please remember, this is by way of a personal site so not everything might have a top quality professional finish.

Most of this site is taken up with storing images of my artwork. Some paintings were done back in the 1980's. When I look back through them, there are some that I like and think have turned out well,  there are others that even I'm not too keen on!

Over the last few years, I  have renewed my interest in painting, even taking some art lessons to improve technique and get back into practice.

I have also started cartooning and am trying to develop in style and quality. I have two series that I am developing, Sir Norman the Knight,  and  The Cavebats. Both are developed simultaniously, as and when a new idea for a cartoon occurs to me.
The cartoons usually start as a rough drawing in my sketchbook, then a coloured drawing with felt-tips or inks, then scanned and may be enhanced on the computer using an art utility.

I paint mostly for my own recreation but if you wish to own any of my pictures I still have most of the original artwork, or would like to commision a painting, I would consider sensible offers. There is a contact link at the foot of the page.

If  I make use someone else's work, it will be for my personal use only and not for profit. If there is a name with the item, I`ll try to give credit where possible.
If you wish to make (non-commercial) use of any of my images,  please use your own webspace or  image host and not hotlink - my host, Freewebs, allows a reasonably generous capacity for this free site, but there is a limit - and do me the courtesy of attaching my name or username. All rights to any of my images or other content on this site are reserved. 2009Alstan .

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Thank you for visiting,

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A Recent Picture -

Beachy Head                                                        Acrylics on card

More of my recent pictures -

I'm not much into poetry, especially long epics which,  for me, I find quite tiresome reading.
But I do sometimes like a short rhyme or lymeric and sometimes might use one in a signature.

A few short poems I like -

                      First Fig      Edna St.Vincent Millay.
                         My candle burns at both ends;
                         it will not last the night;
                         But ah, my foes and oh, my friends -
                         It gives a lovely light.                        

                   The Worlds Need    Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
                         O many gods, so many creeds,
                         So many paths that wind and wind,
                         While just the art of being kind,
                         Is all the sad world needs. 

                   Bump        Spike Milligan
                        Things that go 'bump' in the night
                        Should not really give one a fright.
                        It's the hole in each ear
                        That lets in the fear,
                        That, and the absence of light!

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